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Mobile Flight App


Mobile App

Airpeak Flight

“Airpeak Flight” enables comprehensive monitoring and management of the aircraft, remote controller, camera, and gimbal. From checking flight distance and battery usage, to adjusting camera settings, the app is designed to optimize the flight experience. The app is fully compatible with Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras , allowing for camera adjustments during flight. “Airpeak Flight” can be used both with manual and automated flight modes. During the “Mission Flight mode”, the app can be used to confirm the route, execute the mission, check the status of the aircraft, and monitor the equipment.

Flight Screen

Images captured by the equipped camera or FPV camera can be projected on screen as a real-time view. Flight distance, battery levels, and other aircraft and camera parameters are also displayed. Quick controls and adjustment on aircraft and settings can easily be done.

Buttons on the side menu can be replaced* as you want. It allows you to quickly change the desired settings during flight and shooting.

*Airpeak Flight ver. 1.2.0 or higher is required.


Settings of the aircraft, gimbal, camera, and remote controller can all be adjusted with one app.You can also freely assign flight control and camera settings on control stick and buttons on remote controller, for flexible flight operation and shooting.

Automated Flights

The flight route created on “Airpeak Base” can easily be executed with “Airpeak Flight” app. Even during the automated flight modes, you can control the gimbal and camera while checking the image of the equipped camera.

Mobile phone/tablet compatibility

Aircraft Management Tool

Web application

Airpeak Base

“Airpeak Base” is a web app with three main features for organizing the aircraft. Enable to create sophisticated flight plan. (Projects function). Enable to organize and check your equipment, usage status of them, and view usage log (Devices function). Enable to manage flight routes and flight logs.(Logbook function) Your flight logs can only be viewed and managed on your account, ensuring data privacy and security.

Start creating flight plans, managing flight logs and devices.

Airpeak Base Users Guide


Use this menu to create sophisticated flight plans for professional aerial imagery projects. The aircraft can be programmed to repeat the same path and can recreate the route with flawless accuracy every time. You can set the aircraft’s speed and position (latitude, longitude, altitude) along with the timeline, and also specify the direction of the gimbal and the timing of camera for both video and still image capture. This is not only for straight paths, but for curved routes as well.

Enhanced Flight Restriction Functions

Airpeak S1 is equipped with three functions for restricting airspace. “Geofence”*1 allows users to set up of restricted areas and altitudes in “Airpeak Base”, while AirMap provides information and data on proposed flight plans*2. Using the geofencing feature in conjunction with reliable information can help avoid accidentally entering restricted

*1 Only available with for Cloud Service “Airpeak Plus” subscribers.*2 The information provided is not guaranteed to be the most up to date and it is the responsibility of the owner to confirm the accuracy of the information.*3 This does not guarantee not entering into restricted airspace. Please confirm airspace restrictions before flying the aircraft and abide by the regulations as stated..


The app can also be used to view the equipment status and usage logs, and set up error warnings and maintenance reminders, to reduce the risk of unexpected problems on site.


Manage logs from past flights, use a previous flight log to create a new flight plan, or check back on flight errors after the event.